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Information Regarding 2012 Corvette Model Run 

The current 2012 model run which features the Chevrolet Centennial Edition Corvette will end in May 2012. The final consensus for 2012 Corvette is scheduled to occur during February 2012 period, and the last cycle to submit orders for the 2012 model run will occur in March 2012.

The completion of the 2012 Corvette model run is also the last opportunity for dealers to order the current Chevrolet Centennial Edition Package (RPO: ZLC) featuring the Carbon Flash metallic paint, and Carlisle Blue exterior color (RPO: GLF). The Centennial Edition package, and the Carbon Flash and Carlisle Blue exterior colors will NOT be offered for the 2013 model, and will end production BEFORE the rest of the 2012 Corvette model run (please monitor the weekly constraint wire for specific timing). If you are interested in either of the Centennial Edition Package or the Carlisle Blue exterior color, it is suggested you make plans now to consensus and submit orders for the desired 2012 Corvette model.
The last day to submit orders for 2012 is tentatively scheduled for Mar 15 - 17.  
But before that date arrives, Carlisle Blue last order date will be 2/9 - 2/11, and Centennial Edition will be 3/1 - 3/3 (all dates are tentative and subject to change).

Information Regarding 2013 Corvette Model Run
The 2013 model run is also scheduled to start production in May 2012. The first consensus cycle for the 2013 model run is targeted for March 2012, with the first opportunity to submit orders into production occurring after the conclusion of the March consensus cycle.
The 2013 model run is the final model run for the C6 Corvette. This means for many customers, the 2013 model run will be the last opportunity to purchase the current Corvette models, including Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1 In addition, the 2013 model run marks the 60th Anniversary of this Great American Sports Car. Information about exciting changes for the 2013 Corvette will be shared with you in the coming weeks.
The 2013 Corvette production period is expected to run for approximately nine months. Dealers planning their Corvette business into 2013 calendar year should plan their inventory needs to last through late summer of 2013. This will require dealers to closely study and plan their sales and inventory needs throughout the condensed 2013 model run. It will also mean the next model run will NOT immediately follow the end of the 2013 model run. Dealers will need to be prepared for several months in 2013 without Corvette production.

Allocation Earn for the Next Generation Corvette
Suffice it to say the introduction of any next generation Corvette is one of the most highly anticipated introductions in the automobile industry. The expected arrival of a new generation Corvette generates a lot of showroom excitement and traffic. It also requires the dealership’s sales and service teams to sharpen and improve their performance and technology skills to meet the needs of the Corvette customer. It is for this reason that any Chevrolet dealer seeking to sell and service Corvette must agree to invest in special tools and training for the dealership’s personnel.

Information regarding the requirements for the next generation Corvette’s training and special tools will be shared in the coming months. However, before any dealer is requested to make a decision on investing in the next generation Corvette, it is necessary to understand the anticipated allocation method for the next generation Corvette.


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