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We all like keeping our Vettes looking pristine and showroom-like.  We use the best polishes, blacken our tires and clean the windows.  Sometimes though, despite our best efforts, some things suffer the wear and tear of time.  A worn out looking emblem on the car can detract from it's overall appearance.  Replacing an emblem isn't as difficult as you may think.


Time for replacement.


I used masking tape, and placed it around the emblem to help protect the surrounding painted surface.  I got my Exacto knife and extracted the blade out of the handle almost all of the way.


Carefully slide the blade under the emblem, while cutting the foam under the emblem the blade may stop where there is two small alignment posts. One is under the lower left of the letter L and the other is at the left lower side of the # 2, just cut around the posts.


The emblem should be loose at this point, slowly  and carefully peel it off.


This is the back of the old emblem once it has been removed.  You can see the two small alignment posts that were in the way when cutting through the foam backing.


Back to the car. Now it's clean up time, peel away the old foam and glue but be careful of your paint.  Put on some good tunes and take your time.

Once the big stuff is off, I used a polishing compound to get the rest of the glue off along with a plastic putty knife.

A fine cut cleaner works good too!


I gave the area a good wax job after it was all clean.


Trial fit the new emblem.


If it fits good, peel off the backing tape and stick it on and apply light pressure to new emblem to ensure good bondage.


In place and looking great.  This job took about 15 minutes to complete.


This picture shows two emblems.  The lower one is the new one, and the top one is the old one where you can see some pitting present.


Tools and supplies used in this installation.  Another tip - when you are trying to remove the old foam and glue residue - simply rub the painted surface of the car with your finger.  The friction between your finger and the residue generates a small amount of heat and the unwanted goo rolls off.



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