Sometimes storage space in a C3 can feel a tad cramped.  This problem is amplified when you plan on traveling a distance that requires some luggage and the weather is beautiful.  You want the tops of and the wind blowing through your hair.  A T-Top carrier on the rear of the car would be a perfect answer.  The roof panels on the "trunk lid" and new found storage inside.  If you can find a set of these carriers somewhere you will want to be sure you install them correctly.  One mistake and you could have an ugly situation to deal with.
Parts required:  You will need four T-Top Carrier Mounts.  Paragon item # 11467K or Keens Parts item #910266
It's a very good idea to inspect the T-Top Carrier and ensure all the pieces are there and everything is in good condition.
Remove the small "C" clip that holds the mounting bolt.  This will make it easier to mark the location of the holes.
There are two clips on the center piece and one on each side piece.
Install center piece and mark with a pencil.  Center with gas lid.
Remove gas lid and rubber insert.  There are four screws.  The lid comes off. Pull the rubber insert out carefully.
Clamp the center assembly with a clamp and piece of wood to hold it while you mark the holes.
Another view of the assembly clamped in places for hole marking.
Once all is removed, stick your fingers under the fiberglass. You should feel a "ridge" or reinforcement.  The big flat washer has to sit flush on the fiberglass.  That will give you a good idea as to where the hole will be.  MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE.  I drilled two 1/4" holes, just in case the measurement was off a little.
Instructions are kept close at hand.
Once the center holes are drilled, install center piece with1/4" long bolts just to fit.  Snug the two bolts down and look at it to ensure it is good.
Outer pieces (with small clips removed) - sit one piece at a time and install one T-Top.  *Two people here makes it much easier.*
Install straps and center everything.  Do the same on the other side while your helper holds everything.  Look at it closely to ensure it is centered.  On the driver's side, the antenna is a factor.  Make sure it has room to go up and down without touching the outer carrier.
If everything is centered and you are happy with the positioning, mark holes with a pencil.  Use a small punch and punch a start point so your drill bit doesn't wander.
Before drilling, use a small strip of masking tape over the holes.
Take a deep breath and drill away.
Drilling the right rear fender.  A small hole can be drilled first and then progressively larger bits used to make the job easier.
Clean up the fiberglass and make sure there is no loose dust or fiberglass.
The left rear fender - outer support hole - ensuring there will be sufficient clearance for the power antenna once the bracket is installed.  This is a good time to re-install all the brackets using 1/4 " bolts and hold everything down.  Install the T-Tops and make sure everything fits properly.
When you are happy with the fit and positioning, drill a gigantic hole in your shiny Vette Fiberglas.  I used a  3/4" bit.  Take your time, don't rush.
Pictured above is the bracket support hardware that needs to be installed at each hole location on the rear deck. Install big flat washer with rounded side down. (The opposite to which is shown here)
Right outer side done.
Left outer side complete.
A view from underneath. Do not over tighten the nuts, the bolt is plastic and will break.  It is a lock nut, so should stay on.
After all mounts are in and tightened, install the carrier.
Install T-Tops.  Ensure tops are in the carrier slots.
When the the T-top is installed on the rack - be sure that it fits into this slot, (as it would if installed in the actual roof opening), to ensure it locks into position.
Install hold down straps and snug them up carefully.  Double check that all is tight and secure.

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