This article describes the installation of a Daytime Running Light (DRL) module into a C3 Corvette but the unit itself is universal in its application. That is, it could be installed on any car without DRLs. The unit is a DRL-1 model purchased from WebElectric Products LLC ( It converts the front turn signal lamps into DRLs and comes with all necessary wiring and connectors. Installation should take about an hour to an hour and a half. You will need wire cutters/strippers and a pair of pliers to make the connections. A connection tester may also be helpful as well as a soldering gun if you don't not want to use the provided connectors and make a more permanent connection.
 Step 1 - Jack the vehicle and secure it from moving. ALWAYS - Safety First.
Step 2 - Remove front wheels.  The right front wheel is shown removed.
Step 3 - Find the left and right signal light assemblies. They should be located in front of the front wheels. Shown is the left side marker light with wires.
Step 4 - Run the power wire (yellow) for the DRL module through the firewall and string it near the fuse box as you will need an ignition power source for it. It may be possible to run the wire through the grommet for the speedometer cable.
Step 5 -Try and hide the power wire in one of the wiring harnesses.
Step 6 - Drop the right and then left turn signal "bulb" assemblies so they will be easier to work on.
Step 7 - Using the test light, find the power wire for each signal, and the power line for the park lights as well. The difference between the two is that the power line for the turn signal will cause the test light to flash.
Step 8 - From this point on the provided instructions are very easy to follow. Connect the provided wires from the DRL kit (you will need an extension wire from the right side to the left and it too is provided) to both turn signals and park lights. Be very careful to ensure you match up the park light wires and turn signal wires correctly. 
Step 9 - Two wires will need to be cut and they are both turn signal wires as you will need to create a loop for both the right and left turn signals.
Step 10 Connect the power wire to a spare ignition space in the fuse box.
Step 11 - Do read the instructions very carefully. If you wish to have the turn signals installed in "Synch Mode" you will need to loop the ground wire. In "Synch Mode" the DRLs are temporarily deactivated while either of the turn signals is on so as not to confuse oncoming drivers.
Step 12 Test everything to make sure it is working properly, park lights and turn signals both.
Step 13 In our installation we soldered all connections. Pay special attention to the proper way to twist wires. The provided wire connectors do work but it is my experience that they do not last as long as a good soldered connection.

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