There are many different varieties of splash guards / mud flaps available on the market.  The ones featured in this article are "Genuine GM Parts" - GM Part Number 19170234 .  The cost of the these guards in Canada at a local GM dealership was $336.25.  The same set in the United States were $105.00 (USD).  The guards protect the back edge of the rear wheel opening.
A very common problem with Corvettes is the stone chips that appear at the painted back edge of the wheel openings
This particular car had the areas around the wheel openings repainted one year prior and once again tiny white stone chips were beginning to reappear.
Installation of the front set of guards can be accomplished without removing the wheels.  The wheels are turned extreme left and then right to permit enough room to work.  As shown above, the rear wheels had to be removed in order to have enough elbow room for installation.
The painted surfaces in the wheel opening were cleaned and dried.  The backs of the splash guards have a strip of 3M two sided sticky tape attached and ready for installation.  In the above photo, the left rear guard has been taped in place so that holes can be marked for drilling.
It is important to ensure with all 4 wheel openings that the bottom of the guard is snugged up against the contour of the car's body to ensure proper placement.
Holes were drilled and GM plastic push pins were partially installed to hold the guard in place.
Four holes were drilled in the rear wheel openings.  Front wheel openings already had small push pins installed.  They were removed, the new splash guards were installed and longer push pins were installed
These are the guards prior to installation.  (Note the white tabs sticking out at the top ends of the guards.)  Once the guards were in place on the car and held loosely by the partially pushed in pins - the tape covering was peeled off, the guards were pushed firmly against the car and then the pins were pushed in the remainder of the way.
A push pin in the open position.  When pushed into the hole, the legs flex in and then re-open when in the hole.
The push pin in the secured position.  When the head is pushed in, the legs are held in the spread position and the pin is locked in place.
The left rear guard in place.  The pins are pushed in and the taped edge has been revealed and pressed into place.  (Please excuse the dirty finger marks!!)
The front splash guards in place.
Rear guards in place.

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