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I purchased some chrome seat back hoops to dress up my Vette.  The hoops / rollbars are two individual pieces that are formed 2" chromed steel. There is a flat mounting bar across the bottom of the hoops.  There are two options for installation - 1) bolting the units in place - which involves removal of the gas tank, or 2) using a special adhesive to glue them in place. 
I decided to secure the hoops in place with adhesive. You begin by removing seats from the car and then removing the carpeting from the floor behind the seats.
Locate the seam between the two panels. (Above & Below pix)
Remove the sealer over the seam with a sharp razor blade or knife (Above & Below pix)
The hoops are left wrapped in their protective bubble wrap to avoid scratching and are "dry fitted" in position,  (Below pic)
When you are satisfied with hoop placement, mark the position with a marker or small punch.  I also used painter's masking tape to define the area and protect areas that I did not want to accidentally scuff.  The masking tape will also act as a guide when it comes to showing where the resin needs to be applied.  (Above & Below Pix)
 Setup a sanding block with an 80 grit or similar sand paper. (Below) 
Using the sanding block or a piece of sanding paper for awkward locations, roughen up the surface where the seat hoop will be bonded to on each side (Above and Below Pix)
Also scuff the underneath of the seat hoop mounting surface for better bondage. (Below)
 This is the resin that comes with the kit. The hardner / catalyst is in the tube. (Below)DSC 2582Install the seat hoop and make sure of the alignment, it should fit nice and flush with surface. Only mix enough resin for one seat. I prepared almost half of the can and hardener and had lots to attach the hoop.  Spread the mix over the marked area.  Try and stay within the marked area but be aware - the resin will OOZE out!   Excess resin will hopefully ooze onto the masking tape.  Clean up any excess resin.  The resin gets hard and sets in about 1 minute so work quick and carefully.
Hold the hoop in position for a few minutes until the resin sets, re-measure and make sure the hatch closes without interfering with the hoop.  Line up with the rear hatch carefully. There is no room for error here. The hatch has to clear the roll bar when it is opening and closing.
 Clean up excess resin with a putty knife. It is easy to remove when it’s still soft.
 Now repeat on the hoop for the other side. 
DSC 2580
During the installation, I used a 4 foot level to span across the two hoops to make sure they were even with each other.  Any discrepency between the proper alignment of the hoop relative to each other is very noticable.
DSC 2577
Cutting the carpet to fit around the hoops once they are installed, is quite challenging.  Take your time, cut small amounts and measure carefully.
DSC 2576
Final Product.
DSC 2578
 In the picture below you can see how close the hatch comes to the roll bars.  Proper alignment during installation is very important.
DSC 2574
DSC 2577

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