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A common complaint associated with the C6 is the noise which comes from the rear end - from the differential. If you are hearing rubbing, chattering, clunking or musical melodies coming from your differential, there is a good chance that changing the differential lubricant will often quiet things down. (There is also a need to change the fluid as per the schedule in your manual.)
Before you tackle this job, it is a good idea to warm the differential up to get the oil warm inside. Drive around for a few kilometers and then let the car sit for a bit to allow the mufflers to cool off slightly - about 20 to 30 minutes - so you don't severely burn yourself on them. The car will need to be elevated to access the underside. If you don't have the luxury of a hoist, then raise the back end - but try to keep the car level so fluid levels will measure properly within the differential.
The model shown here is a 2005. The location of the drain plug was changed in 2006 and onwards to allow easier access. In the 2005 an L-shaped Allen key has to be used because the location of the rear spring prevents the use of a socket wrench on it.  2006 and after had the plug moved to allow the use of a ratchet with an Allen socket. Them GM Engineers! Ready to give it a try?
Locate the differential.  It’s over the rear leaf spring. (Below)
Locate the drain plug - see below.
Remove the plug and the let the oil drain.  You will no doubt notice the 'pleasant' aroma of the oil.  
Gear oil is always stinky! After oil is drained re-install drain plug.
Locate fill plug and remove it - (below).
You can refill the differential with a piece of rubber hose pushed on to the pointy tip of the bottles.
It will take not quite 2 liters plus the additive. (Below)
Start filling the oil until it runs out of the fill hole.
Install the fill plug and go for a ride making lots of slow left and right turns to stir it up.
Then recheck the oil to ensure it’s topped up. Add more oil if necessary.
This is pretty easy to do!

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