Submitted by Ron Rail

I don't do all of them. Some are a must and some depend on where you live and where you store your car. It also depends if you are only storing it for a few months or a few years.

So here it is in no order: I don't really do  # 3,4,5,6,7,16.

1. Clean the car inside and out and put a good coat of wax on.

2. Change the oil and filter and run the car for at least 5 minutes to circulate the new oil.

3. Flush the radiator and add new fluid.

4. Flush the brake system and add new fluid.

5. Change the rear axle fluid.

6. Change the transmission fluid and filter.

7. Replace the fuel filter.

8. Fill the fuel tank and add a gas stabilizer. No fuel injection cleaner.

9. Long term remove the good tires and wheels and put on a set of crappy tires and wheels. Short term over inflate the tires by 10 or 15 lbs to cut down on flat spotting. You can also put the car on jack stands but I don't like doing this because it puts the car in an unnatural state and undue stress.

10. Put moisture absorbing packets in the car.

11. Stuff rags in the tail pipes to keep rodents out.

12. Remove battery and charge it once a month.

13. Store your car on wood. Wood absorbs moisture, cement floors are like a sponge. You should lay plywood down on cement and park your car on top of the plywood.

14. Put a cover over the car. The type depends on where you store the car, inside or outside.

15. Do not start your car over the winter. If you do you should drive it around for at least a 1/2 hour.

16. Pull the spark plugs and squirt a little oil down the cylinders.

17. Tape a piece of paper to the steering wheel to remind you in the spring anything that you need to do first before starting the car for the first time like pulling the rags out of your tail pipes.


Just for ref info! Ron


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