July 2024 Newsletter

Hi everyone.  Our events are now well underway.  Our calendar is just about full for 2024.  It will be a busy summer.

Reminder:  Please respond Yes or No to Punchbowl invites so that organizers have an accurate number of attendees.  If something changes and you are not able to attend after you have already responded Yes, please go back and change your response to No.

Social Committee – Upcoming Events

Here are a few of upcoming events:

  • Sunday, July 7 – Cruise with Bryce & Cathy Durant
    • Punchbowl sent.
  • Wednesday, July 17 – Cruise-in (Kin Winery)
    • Punchbowl to be sent
  • Sunday, July 21 – International Dyno Authority
    • Punchbowl to be sent.
  • Sunday, July 28th – Merrickville Car Show
    • Punchbowl to be sent

Information on upcoming events is always posted and updated on the CCC website under the Events tab at the following link:  https://capitalcorvetteclub.ca/events-2/

50/50 Draws

Our 50/50 draws continue to take place at each of our events. The lucky winner at our last draw was Bob Baggs.  Bob took home $90.  The draws will continue to held at as many events as possible during the 2024 season.

Corvette Depot Discount

Reminder: Our Corvette Depot sponsorship provides each member with a discount.  If you are interested in using this discount, but have not yet signed up, please email me to confirm that you are interested at president@capitalcorvetteclub.ca.  I will provide your name and email to the Corvette Depot representative and he will help with the set up.

50th Anniversary Celebration 2025

Information continues to be added to the 50th Anniversary page on the website.  If you know any former members that may be interested in attending next year’s main event, let them know that they can email us at info@capitalcorvetteclub.ca to get on the invite list.  The Committee met again on May 29th and the planning continues. 

If you have any memorabilia that you would like to share for the event, please contact Bob Steele (socialdirector@captialcorvetteclub.ca).  

Promotional T-shirts

The order for the t-shirts has arrived and will distribute at upcoming events.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again at upcoming events!

Capital Corvette Club Board

50th Anniversary (1975-2025) Celebration: Check the 50th Anniversary page for latest updates!

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